A farmer ask me what the cost would be if he subscribed to a UAS scouting service.  I had no idea...

Does anyone have an idea on what some of the services are charging? Cost/acre or cost/year?

I have no affiliation with any service nor do I want to form my own.



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I am actually interested in learning about UAS crop scouting services as well. If someone runs UAS crop scouting service in any part of globe, i would love to talk. My email ruchit@harvesting.co


You might try contacting other companies that offer this service, and subcontract through them. This is the approach I'm taking in some cases. They get to explore the technology and get a piece of the pie, and you don't have to worry as much about the aspects of the service you're not qualified for. 

They're all standoffish at first, but I make sure they know that I'm not looking to be anyone's competition, and would rather just be a part of their service. 

I did see on the following on MicaSense web page:

$0.60/acre Per Use with a $5.00 minimum

Basic $50/month @ 150acres/month

Plus $100/month @ 350 acres/month

Pro $250/month @ 1,000 acres/month


I did find a UAS crop consulting business and they charge $4/acre.  This includes everything from flying to processing and delivering a prescription map for variable rate application. 



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