1.6.01 released to beta test group - include on-screen joystick with haptic feedback...

The main feature for this release is something Randy asked me to add: Good on  screen joysticks.  I had played with screen joysticks before but wasn't really happy with them - I think the solution I've put together is actually quite pleasant for flying.  I suspect you could fly a quad easily with them (but be very careful the first time you try using this feature).  The reason I like these joysticks:
* They are translucent overlays which appear over the main screen
* They use haptic feedback to provide good 'feel' to the user so you can sense when you cross over the trim line at the middle of an axis.

Ok - back to scripting and mavstation tasks...

Full release notes:
# 1.6.01
* Add on-screen joysticks (Choose 'show joystick' from menu - when holding tablet in landscape mode)
* Make joysticks appear as a translucent overlay
* Add haptic feedback to let user feel when they cross the zero position on sticks
* Add support for backup service (so prefs will be restored if phone gets replaced)

You'll need to join a special G+ group (the slick new way Google allows users to opt-in for beta test builds).  Instructions here.

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I'm putting my hex back together so will give this a go when done.

btw: If you move your RC sticks, the on screen sticks should show their movement as well.  If you press on the screen joystick you will override what the RC is doing.

Ohh that's a clever way of testing they are going to request the right thing

I tested at lunch today and had a freak out moment when I realized that I had no control of my transmitter sticks after I toggled the sticks "on" in Andropilot. I was kind of thinking that it would work like things did before... that the last input from either device would prevail. In the short time that I tested it also seemed like the pitch was reversed so I am wondering if Andropilot allows us to switch the "servo" settings. Man, I love this program! It will be sweet when I fully figure out how to integrate the controllers as needed. Also, can you explain what allows the joysticks on Andropilot to be activated? I had to re-start AP a couple of times on the Nexus 7 to get the joystick activation to work.  Thanks Kevin!

I don't allow the joysticks to be activated until after the parameter download finishes (which is why the item is greyed out at first).  re: reversal - strange!  Can you send me a copy of your param file, or tlog, or just upload a tlog to droneshare and send me the link?  I'd like to investigate this a bit.

That makes sense on the param download and arming... thanks. And is it true then that when Andropilot joysticks are activated that you can not use transmitter joysticks until control is returned to the transmitter by unchecking the joystick box in Andropilot?

Here is my .tlog file. By way of explanation, first I put the copter in loiter with my transmitter, then used AP joystick to move the copter (what I thought was) forward and it moved backward at which point I tried to move my transmitter sticks to control and land but they would not work. I did not regain control with my transmitter until after it landed. I am not sure what restored my transmitter joysticks , either dis-arming or un-checking the joystick box in Andropilot. Thanks Kevin.


Also tried this again a minute ago and I can not get the Andropilot joysticks to arm ... they keep staying in a grayed out condition. I had intermittent problems with this the first time I tested today and finally got them to appear. I waited for the parameters to download and backup to SD but still a no go... Tried with the copter both armed and unarmed, satellite lock, etc... even re-booted the Nexus 7 to make sure. Are there any other conditions that would not have been met in order to arm the Andropilot joysticks? The only thing that I changed was some parameters for logging (enabled all) which I noticed were not turned on after I deleted 1.6.0 and installed 1.6.1.

Hi Kevin. Downloaded 1.6.01 on my Galaxy S3 but I'm not able to activate on-screen joysticks.

In setting menu Show Joystick is always disabled and I can't tick it.

Is it available only for tablets?

Another question...is it available only mode2? Here in Europe many people are using mode3.


Fantastic.. Remember been requesting this from you first time you came up with Andropilot... Took a bit of while, eh.  Next in line would be the 3 x 3-way toggle switches, 3 x 2-way toggle switches, 2 sliders and Andropilot will be perfect!  To booth, drivers for LRS transceivers.  Good job.

thanks all - most feedback addressed in the just released 1.6.02

Thanks Kevin. Downloaded 1.6.02 but I'm not still able to activate joysticks on my Galaxy S3.  I wait for parameters dowload and I put smartphone in landscape mode...but "Show Joysticks" is always disabled.

Solved on 1.6.06


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