I have just bought an APM 2.6 but not installed it yet.

I also have a set of Mav Link 3d radios to instal along with the APM.

What I also want to do is use Follow Me from my phone.  I see the vids on You Tube but there little or no detailed information about how to do this with the AMP. There is one set of vids which I'm fairly certain I understand but need to check first.  All I can find is that as I dont want things hanging out of my phone I have to do it via bluetooth, and to achieve this a bluetooth bridge module has to be inserted into the 3d radio circuit on the quad.

Can anybody please make things understandable for a newbie.

I found this vid about the most useful.


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I;ll check that out but have just looked a a comparison chart and some are listed as having usb host but mine isnt. Well, what does one expect for £50...  I only use £20 of credit a year anyway...

Incidently.anybody who is looking for one of the small white plugs (a ??13) because the lead they were supplied with plugs into the air unit with a white plug but has black one for the APM, which will not fit. I found a UK supplier who had them for £2.50 ish but then tax and postage put it up to £7 +.

A cheaper option is this item, on which you get two plugs plus a smaller one..


I bought one of these to go with the radio lead.


You just need to take the terminals out of the black terminal that came with the radio and solder a 5 pin header onto the end.

I figured it'd be handy for the OSD when I get around to getting one too.


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