Thought I would start a FOLLOW ME mode specific discussion.

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Hello all,

Just came back in from running through 4 batteries trying out FOLLOW ME mode. Im sure I looked ridiculous running around the snowy soccer field with a Tx around my neck, tablet in my hands, and always looking back and up with this crazy thing chasing me LOL.

All went well and smooth !! Really impressed so far !

My question to whomever can answer is that no matter what altitude I switched over to LOITER at before starting FOLLOW ME would not "stick". The quad would always slowly keep going higher to about 20m or so. What parameter is it grabbing altitude from? Is there a parameter for controlling the altitude in FOLLOW ME? Or is this some safety measure, do I need a sonar module added to be able to use FOLLOW ME at lower altitudes than 20m?

Anyway, I cant wait till I can head down to the farm with my quad and my other quad (4 wheeler) to have it chase me around on that (part of where I am heading with my FPV). I will definately get that on video; one on the copter and one on the four wheeler filming each other. Although I need to get this altitude part down first as I would like to be able to control that.

Thanks in advance for anyones help on this.


When I tried follow me it kept the hight I specified in menu 


Be helpful to know which menu....settings menu...parameter menu/list....

Ill go looking....


Just was thinking after someone asked me if I was able to set a distance that the quad would keep away from gps'd target...

Could a setting/parameter setting be added to set the number of <2 second> gps updated waypoints -or- amount of time delay for the quad to stay behind on the FOLLOW ME trail?

This would be awesome if this could be implemented !!!

In looking in the settings menu the only altitude setting is for GUIDED FLIGHT ALTITUDE. Is this the one you are talking about? I didnt try that one as I wasnt sure if GUIDED correlated to FOLLOW ME or not. If this is the one, awesome.

If not, can you point me to the one you are talking about?

Thanks in advance.


You canset min and max distance in menu and theres only one altitude setting which works on way points/guided 


Just a quick question.. would this work with an airplane?  If so, how would the plane deal with the speed of the ground target?  If I am in a car, moving less than the required speed of the plane to remain at altitude, etc..

Just thinking about all this..

thanks so Much!  Love this idea

It would work on an airplane - the code is just doing 'guided' flight to a waypoint.  When it reaches the waypoint it will just circle over you.

I'm glad you liked follow-me.  Can someone try 'lead-it' mode with a copter?  To enable this mode, go to settings and change the min and max distance for follow-me to something other than 0.

What will happen is that the quad will stay in front of you, so if you turn right it will move right.  Similarly if you tilt the tablet fore and back it will move towards and away from you.

I'd love to see a video of this (I'm a plane person)

Just wondering, could follow-me mode be used with an RC plane as the target to be followed so that we could use a multicopter to get in-flight footage of an RC plane?



Tested today Lead it mode with a quadcopter...and it is really amazing! You can pilot your copter with your smartphone!

If rain stays away I'll try to do a short video of this great function!

I've used Samsung Galaxy S3 connected thru a  bluetooth bridge  to a 3DRradio link 433Mhz  to MegaPirateNG copter.


During today tests I noticed that that in Lead it Mode it is not possible to switch to RTL with Ch7.

You need to deactivate Lead it Mode and then RTL works again. It's too bad as, in case of emergency, RTL is a good way to save the model.



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