Thought I would start a FOLLOW ME mode specific discussion.

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strange.  changing the mode switch on the rc xmitter should _always_ override lead-it (though there is a bug where I don't turn off the checkbox)

Here is a short video about Lead-it mode:

great video!  Thanks!

Short video about FOLLOW ME

I confirm that when you are in FOLLOW ME Mode you are not able to go back easily  to LOITER or RTL unless you disable Follow me from Andropilot. If you are in emergency (aaahhhh...cyborg copter is catching me!) you should be able to go back to LOITER using CH5 on RC radio or RTL using CH7. Now the only way to exit from follow me using CH5 is going to Stabilize.....or run faster than your copter :)

Hi Luciano,

Just to confirm, are you saying that when you change the mode switch on your RC xmitter it isn't automatically exiting follow me?  If so, would you mind sending me a tlog of this case so I can see why it didn't work with megapirateng?  Possibly they are not sending the same heartbeat message as APM.

Next days I will produce a tlog of this case with a complete description of the test so you can have a look at this problem.

Thanks again for your effort!


Today I've done some other tests using Follow Me and Lead It.

I must say that I was mistaken about RTL. RTL activated with Ch7  is always working in Follow Me and Lead was my fault.

I confirm that when you are in Guided Mode activated with Ch5 and in Follow me or Lead It activated by Andropilot you are not able to go back to LOITER using Ch5 only. You need to deactivate Follow Me/Lead on Android in order to go back to LOITER with Ch5.

But during GUIDED Mode activated  with Ch5 and FOLLOW ME activated with Andropilot you can always go to STABILIZE with Ch5....that's good.

During these GUIDED MODE tests Andropilot did not create any log. Wednesday I'll try new tests. Do I have to do something specific in order to create a log?


Just go to settings and turn on log file writing.  Yep - I'd love to see a tlog, it seems like some strange interaction with the NG and andropilot-follow-me. or tomorrow I'll test new version and I will send you tlog with flight description so you can have a look.

BTW now that I have seen that you can disable FOLLOW ME going to RTL (with Ch7)  or STABILIZE (with Ch5) the problem is less important and can be approached with much more time.



Tested today Andropilot 1.4.14 in flight.

Everything OK now!  You can activate/deactivate Guided Mode with RC Ch5 even in follow me/lead it.

You can activate/deactivate RTL Thru Ch7 even in follow me mode.

If you stay in LOITER and activate follow me using Andropilot, copter goes automatically in GUIDED Mode.

If you are in LOITER and you ask a goto command for going to a target Andropilot activates  GUIDED Mode.

That's great as you do not need to have a GUIDED Mode on ch5. You can keep on Ch5 STAB/LOITER/AUTO and activate GUIDED mode thru Andropilot!

In this case you have to be careful as CH5 is in LOITER while Copter is in GUIDED. In this case you can not switch to loiter thru Ch5 (it is already in loiter) so you need to switch in loiter thru Andropilot or switch to STAB, or switch to AUTO and then back to LOITER....this is very OK for me!


Thanks again Kevin for this app!


Thanks for trying it.  Yep - that feature is already in, but buried in settings.  Go to the settings menu in andropilot and you'll see options to set min/max follow me distance (defaults are zero).  If min != max then the tilt of the phone can be used to set the distance (kind of like sliding a computer mouse)

As described by Kevin you can use lead it mode setting min/max distance in setting menu.

It works great and it is a very interesting way of flying ....but I don't know if you can use this mode for videos.

Here's a video testing lead it mode:


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