Thought I would start a FOLLOW ME mode specific discussion.

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Hello tony, I'm a little behind on the times but I'm attempting follow me mode and when I click follow me on my zeki 8" tablet in droid planner 2 the quad drops altitude and begins to come towards me. If I left it as is the copter would crash into me. Did u find what setting or how to change the altitude for follow me? Thank you for this post and any help.

Has anyone tried "Follow Me" on the rovers with Andropilot?  I haven't seen alot of the rovers discussed.  I tried "Follow Me" on the rover today, and didn't get any response.  I tried even changing into Guided Mode before checking the Follow Me box and still no result.  However, the rover did respond when I told it to "Go To" a point I pointed to on the map.  Waypoints work with the rovers using Andropilot as well, but still can't figure out what's wrong with the Follow Me.

I realize alot of ground control software don't have the same functionality with rovers as with aerial vehicles.  In this regard, I could understand if Follow Me doesn't work yet with rovers using Andropilot.  I'm using the rover as a test subject before I try the app, and "Follow Me," on the X8 aerial quad. 


So you ran Follow Me while in Loiter mode?  I thought you had to be in Guided mode first?  I switcthed to Guided mode before checking the "Follow Me" box.  As soon as I switched to Guided mode, my quad took off, but I hadn't even check the "Follow Me" box yet.  Once I did, nothing changed from when I switched into Guided mode.  Are you supposed to do something after checking that "Follow Me" box (like a confirmation button or accept button), or should it automatically start Follow Me?  Is it mode specific?

alas - the follow-me in andropilot is currently busted (the latest arducopter release changed how things worked).  Until I get back to fix it you'll need to use droidplanner for this feature...

Is FollowMe working again with Andropilot? Haven't used Andropilot in a while and would be interested in trying out the control through tilting the phone again, but had one crash trying this last summer and would like to have it confirmed working before I try again.



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