# 1.0.05
* Fix an autoreported bug which apparently only occurs on android 4.1.1/4.1.2. If you have _any_ crashes on the app now, please post in the group with
your phone model, time of crash UTC and what you were doing. Hopefully I can knock any last ones down.

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As Mark Colwell said here, he did Andropilot working with his Samsung Galaxy S3 V4.1.1, so I need to make it too.

I did hard reset, update Google Maps and Google Services, install only Andropilot, but it still not wI can connect to APM, get all initialization messages, the overview show data, HUD shows plane's attitude and RF Channel shows raw data, but parameter list and waypoint list doesn't show data, only that annoying running circle.


I have no idea where to start looking about this issue. Any clue?



This problem can be related with APM hardware version? Maybe the way the APM 1 save data is a little bit different from latter versions, causing some mess in the Andropilot interpretation.

Is the phone rooted?   If so, can you download any of the "logcat" tools from the play store and then send me the logcat output after the app has been running a short time?   

Also, I can add a "Debug" pane in the next version that includes "# of params download, # of messages sent, etc..." which could provide some really good clues.

quite possibly.  Can you enable logging to sd card in andropilot, then send me a tlog that is about 60 seconds long? (Just attach it to this thread)

Make sure to plug the radio into andropilot _after_ turning on logging because for this problem I'm curious about what the first few packets say...

My phone is not rooted. Installed original firmware 4.1.1 from CLARO carrier.

Ok, here it is the tlog file as requested.


Thanks.  I see the problem.

Andropilot tries 5 times to start waypoint download but never gets a response to that message:

2013-02-19 21:27:07.52: MISSION_REQUEST_LIST {target_system : 1, target_component : 1}

So it doesn't get waypoints and it doesn't ask for params until it is done with waypoints (will never happen)

So I think we are closer.  A couple of questions:

1) If you change modes of the vehicle by using the mode menu does it take effect?

2) Can you capture a short tlog with mission planner? At least covering the point where MP downloads waypoints?  I can look at what Michael O is sending.  

3) What software & version on your APM1?

Q: If you change modes of the vehicle by using the mode menu does it take effect?

A: No, it doesn't take effect


Q: Can you capture a short tlog with mission planner? At least covering the point where MP downloads waypoints?  I can look at what Michael O is sending.

A: Attached file


Q:What software & version on your APM1?

A: Arduplane V.2.68 ( the lattest is V.2.69)



wow - really strange.  It is as if the vehicle isn't getting any of the packets sent _from_ the andropilot.  Just to double check you used the same USB radio when testing with mission planner as when testing with andropilot?

If we can't figure out anything else right now I'll go ahead and have the andropilot fetch params even if it never gets an answer asking for waypoints - to help narrow down why this happens just on your system.

Also - I know you stated this before but I forgot: What sort of radio/usb adapter?

I had a crash yesterday, about 1130am. I was just hovering, adjusting lead me params, the app hung and sent the error report. This was a galaxy tab 2 running 4.1.1.


One other thing i noticed about this tab is that once it gets below about 40% battery it simply won't power the xbee's anymore. I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and use a powered usb - bummer.


I thought i had a crappy usb lead as first.


Result was i didn't get to test lead me etc. And now its raining...


I'll report in asap


Yes, it is the same USB radio for all tests with MP or Andropilot.

The radio is RFD900, with external power source, connected by a ordinary FTDI cable.

I remember something about different methods of storage data from waypoints between APM 1 and its latest versions, what may lead to a different MAVLink string to communicate.

How can we take a look at Mission Planner code to see how MAVlink addresses waypoints within differents APM versions?

Good info.  Tonight I'll look at the MP source.


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