Hi guys, I read over the Wiki and am excited to try this with my GS3 :)

But I have a safety question or 2 before I dive in.

I read, BETA Turn your Tx On, so Ill do that

I have a 3 toggle sw set to STABILIZE|AUTO|LAND

First test with AndroPilot I want to do something simple.

Take off, loiter @2Meters(~6 feet) for 30 sec then land.

My question is, if I upload the plan first via PC Mission Planner

Then I can run it from the Auto, but what do I put my Tx in?  Should it be in Stabilize?

How would I take over with the Tx say if I had a fly away etc?  If I just jump on the Tx would it take over?

Thanks, Ed,

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Hi Ed,

It isn't  really beta (we went final about five months ago) - I'll update the wiki.

Then I can run it from the Auto, but what do I put my Tx in?  Should it be in Stabilize?

Andropilot will override the mode switch on the RC transmitter when you select AUTO in andropilot (or any other mode).  But don't worry - if you want to control modes again from your RC switch, just change the mode switch on the RC and it will go to the new mode.

How would I take over with the Tx say if I had a fly away etc?  If I just jump on the Tx would it take over?

Yes, you would toggle the mode to STABLIZE (or whatever).  Though of course, if the switch was already in STABLIZE when you started to control the vehicle with andropilot you'll need to briefly flick it to some other mode and then back again (so the vehicle sees that you are trying to change modes)

Does that help?


Okay, yea it helps, amazing help, this is wanted to do, fly via tablet not via controller or PC.  

Congratulations on going Release, I have a popular app in the Play Store (HurricaneSoftware.com) so i know how great it is having an app in there.  Those stars mean everything.

So from the Wiki I did not comprehend how to Arm it then throttle up to start my flight plan rolling, must I usethe virtual joysticks for this or can I arm and virtual throttle up to kick off my loaded flight plan via the top right drop down?  

Im heading out to bestbuy now to see if they have a USB adapter in store for my Galaxy S 3 and Ill try it this week, otherwise I have to order and wait :-)

There is a menu item to arm it (or you can use the android screen/bluetooth joystick and move it to the lower right).  (the wiki docs are a little stale - any updates would be appreciated)

Kevin, ran down to bestbuy and it connected to my GS3 no issues at at all, so I armed with the menu item, guess I need to use the virtual joysticks to actually take off and start my flight plan since I dont see a "take off option"  just im a little tight for space on the GS3, thats why I was wondering if I could do it without the virtual sticks.

There is no 'take off option'.  Have you flown your vehicle yet with the RC controller?  Probably best to make sure stabilize, loiter, rtl etc... work there first.  The next release in the APM copter code includes take-off in loiter (it might not be in the current version - I don't think so).  You have to take off in STABILIZE mode.  In Andropilot you can change modes from the menu or the on screen buttons.

Okay, Kevin, it looks like the switch is immediate, but to use the stick I have to first hit the Cancel RC Override then I have my sticks back to my Tx?

I think thats correct.

Your app is great so far :-).

One thing tho, my throttle virtual joystick is not always at 0 when I turn it on with the check box.  So if I was already armed, then turned on vsticks and tried to throttle down real quick to 0 it starts the motors then shuts down while I throttle down.  This should take care of it if the throttle was always @0 when check box is set.

Hi Edgar,

Thanks for the report.  Yep - one thing that is in the beta but not yet in main version is that if you change the mode from the RC controller it will automatically cancel the one screen joysticks (to give you a quick way to return control to the rc controller).  

Thanks so much for using the on screen joysticks - but please be careful with them for a couple more weeks.  Every week a few thousand people fly Andropilot and use the RC joysticks, but less than 10 people currently using the on-screen joysticks regularly.  So that code probably has less test coverage...


<Just an idea> So since I am not really wanting to use the virtual joystick or even my Tx ones part makes me wonder.  What do you think about a new button, one that would auto set the throttle to 50% (with maybe setting in case they want 48% in settings), this button would throw the APM into throttle mid stick, this way I can arm with a button, then press that 'new button' and if I'm in auto it will just go and do its mission, assuming I have Take Off and RTL as part of there would be no need to have the virtual sticks on screen.  Guess I seen too many movies that use the tablets to fly only ;)

But in an emergency I can take over with my Rx or I can just put the virtual back on, but no need for an onscreen virtual joystick.

This may be silly but I guess I'm just wanting to do my missions without the need of any joysticks or Tx.

I guess In short I'm wanting a one button take off like the NAZA-M :)

you may be right next version may do this with take off loiter

Hi Edgar,

What you describe is something I'd like also.  For now I think you are better off using an RC or tablet joystick for a little bit longer - we are all working towards this, but I think if I added this button right now it would make a lot of people nervous.  (We need more experience first with folks using at least the screen joysticks and make the vehicle is a little more resistant to GPS interference issues - to preclude the possiblity that 'stabilize' flight might be needed)

I'm working on a feature so you (or others) can use javascript to customize the UI - to easily add buttons that will set the throttle then do auto etc, but it will be a couple of weeks before it is ready for many users.

When I want to request auto-take off from Andropilot I use Guided Mode:

- arm copter in STAB (or LOITER if you have arducopter v 3.x)

- spot on the map a location very very  near multicopter icon (this activates goto menu)

- select altitude where you want copter take off (first line)

- push goto button on goto menu (first line)

It works great!



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