Hi guys, I read over the Wiki and am excited to try this with my GS3 :)

But I have a safety question or 2 before I dive in.

I read, BETA Turn your Tx On, so Ill do that

I have a 3 toggle sw set to STABILIZE|AUTO|LAND

First test with AndroPilot I want to do something simple.

Take off, loiter @2Meters(~6 feet) for 30 sec then land.

My question is, if I upload the plan first via PC Mission Planner

Then I can run it from the Auto, but what do I put my Tx in?  Should it be in Stabilize?

How would I take over with the Tx say if I had a fly away etc?  If I just jump on the Tx would it take over?

Thanks, Ed,

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Thanks Luciano Ill try that, then i assume I can change to auto and it will take off on its waypoints.

I hope if I have take off part of my auto plan it wont mess things up.

Thanks again.

Luciano, I tried it but there was not take off with latest version.  Maybe Kevin closed the hole :D

Edgar, used guided mode yesterday with latest version of Andropilot and it works great. I took off using guided mode then flown copter joystick only. Radio was there for emergency only.

If you tell us the steps you are doing we can tell you what you're doing wrong.


Here is a screenshot.

I armed

Selected point near craft with long press

Enter 20 top right corner

Press goto

Nothing happens

Nexus 7

Hope this helps

You need also to move throttle from 0 otherwise it do not start take off

The correct sequence is:

- arm copter

- raise throttle a little -> motors slow running

- select point near craft with long press

- enter 20 top right corner (if you want to go to alt 20 m)

- press goto

I can assure you that copter will take off... :)

Okay, yes, sorry, guess it was a complete misunderstanding.  My original question on this was is there a "one button" take off like the NAZA-M has added for the iPad. Press it and it goes straight up about 6 feet or so.

There is not at this time and thats okay, I can use the throttle up.

Thanks for the responses.


Yes did not raise the throttle, I actually knew that would work all along :)

It looks like DJI just puts it into Loiter mode when you press the ipad button.  Does not look like you need a throttle up.

Here is what I was asking about, if we had a simular button, no throttle.


Isn't there a way to skip that throttle raising step before doing a goto or a take off ?

I mean,  changing THR_MIN from 0 to 100 so that engines starts a little when arming ?

Wouldn't that do the trick ? 

Could anyone confirm please ? Thank you


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