I am wondering if the RFD900 hooked up via usb / OTG cable does anybody have concerns that in full power setting it will be under powered from the droid? I'm by no means an electronic wiz so could be I'm worrying about nothing but as I recall on max setting it's 1000 Mah? There must be a limit on the power over the usb? is it 1000 Mah or more on most devices?

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Okay so maybe it was a legit concern. I would rather learn it in the forum than in the field!! Guess I might end up with a little project.  
5v regulator



Whoops just noticed that little regulator says input 7-12v the bat pack I selected is only 6. Not sure why that wouldn't work though it's more than 5v. It would be nice if it was a small set up. 7.4 lipo I guess instead or a 6 cell NMhi 


thanks, i receive rfd900 from jdrones.

sorry newbies question

i got range about 1km only before lost datalink,

how to increase range via Mission planner? is it i have to key in more than 20db both air and ground?



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