I bought an APM 2.6 and Ublox 6 as a package.

Of course there was no instructions, and googling around I cant fins any pics to confirm if the wiring I have is correct. It seems mine was made with the colours of the day.

Shown in the pic is the only way I can see that the connections are supposed to fit.

Havent tried it yet to see it it works.

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This question does not belong in the Andropilot thread Chris, you should check with your vendor for instructions some stuff you may have found here http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1958325


First off, is your APM and GPS a genuine 3DR product or a clone?

If it is a 3DR product, you can use these wiki instructions to verify your wiring: APM wiring



It could be right:


"Little" bit confusing to use black to VCC and red to GND.

It was the same both ends tho........  but I did change them for future reference.


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