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Questions before I try

Hi guys, I read over the Wiki and am excited to try this with my GS3 :)

But I have a safety question or 2 before I dive in.

I read, BETA Turn your Tx On, so Ill do that

I have a 3 toggle sw set to STABILIZE|AUTO|LAND

First test with AndroPilot I want to

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Andropilot 1.7.08

Tested today new 1.7.08 version.

Great idea to have some big buttons to invoke LOITER, RTL and AUTO...but the bad news is that very often you need to disconnect and reconnect telemetry module in order to make it working.

It seems that app looses connec

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Andropilot Reception issue


when i use the 433 mhz telemetry on my pc the reception is 100% at close range - no issues.

When i use my Samsung galaxy tablet the reception is ~3% at close range - also the signal drops (you can see the flight mode constantly changing from arm

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On-Screen joystick

Tried today new on-screen joysticks function on Samsung Galaxy S3 android smartphone with OTG USB cable to telemetry 433Mhz module.

It works great! I've been able to control my quadcopter (Arducopter 32 on VRBRAIN control board) without any problem (e

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Guided Mode

Using last Arducopter sw versions (I'm using Arducopter 32 ver. 3.1 on VRBRAIN) I notice that GUIDED Mode procedure is not working like before.

To go in GUIDED Mode I was using this procedure:

1 - Arm the copter

2 - Set GUIDED Mode using Andropilot

3 - r

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Anyone used the 2013 Nexus 7?

Thinking about buying one of the 2nd generation Nexus 7's that was just released about a month ago - has anyone tried this Nexus with Andropilot?

I'd hate to buy it to find out the USB OTG support doesn't work or something like that, and I've read tha

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Feature Request

I think it would be awesome to have a simple screen on the andropilot application with the Big buttons showing each of the modes - stabilize etc along with very basic telemetry i.e voltage and altitude

the mode the copter is in is highlighted in green

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