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No logs recorded

I'm not getting any logs after a flight.

I'm running version 1.4.17, and I have 'log to file; checked and it says 'log all packets to /sdcard/andropilot. When I open andropilot it comes up with a message saying 'usb link logging'. I have a 3dr radio d

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Waypoint setting problem

I've set waypoints in the past using Andropilot, but it seems that perhaps I've forgotten exactly how to do it or I've inadvertently changed some setting.

I'm using Andropilot 1.6.06 on a Galaxy Note II smart phone.   The phone has a stylus which is h

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New beta 1.6.04

Thanks for the good feedback all G+ beta test members!

# 1.6.04
* Oops - Last build accidentally broken Nexus 7 portrait. Thank Steve S for the fix.
* Increase throttle travel 2x (thanks Steve S)
* Don't warn about no gps until we have comms with vehicle

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RTL waypoint altitude

Hi all,

When planning a mission in Andropilot it's possible to assign an altitude value to an RTL waypoint.

What does this value do?

Does this value conflict with the RTL_ALT and RTL_ALT_FINAL parameters?

Does it influence RTL behaviour in any way?

Best r

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Bug in flightplan

Hi Kevin, I have found a bug in Andropilot: when it receives the flightplan from the APM, it deletes the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL commands. So, when I have to make a missiont that use the auto triggering function I can't use Andropilot.

Please, can you fix

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Samsung Galaxy SII question


I bought a OTG cable for my phone (Samsung Galaxy SII) but it still doesn't seem to recognize the 3DR radio.  I've seen online that Samsung has it's own cable and I'm wondering if it's something special?  Anyone else been able to hook this up?


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