I just installed 3.8 on a pixhawk without AS sensor and was surprised to find that Airspeed (synthetic since I have no sensor) was not being reported over Mavlink to my OSD....I am pretty sure that on a 3.4 APM system I had, it was being reported and the OSD displayed it....its been a while since I have built a system without a Pitot sensor....is this something that changed since 3.4?

I know its computed or nav x-track wouldnt work nor stall prevention....so why is it not reported now?

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That's strange - I've been using 3.8.3 for a bit and it seems to work ok. What version of OSD are you using ?

I've now re-checked my DVR, you're right NO AIRPSEED! See image.


This is resolved. I guess its really a Mission Planner issue. As of Plane 3.8, a new param ASPD_TYPE was added to select type. MP defaults to one type of sensor, in fact, it does not even allow NO SENSOR, although a 0 in ASPD_TYPE is what is needed for those setups. So, in my case, its reading a floating pin and returning 0, which also makes stall prevention mute. Once I set the param to 0 , synthetic airspeed is being displayed (and hopefully used in stall prevention).

I requested a fix or enhancement to Mission Planner to keep other with no sensor from falling down this hole. Default or unconfigured should be NO sensor.

Hi Henry

Thank you so much for this! I'm going to implement on my planes now.





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