Hello! I am having a problem where my aircraft will reduce throttle to zero when I switch on Auto or Loiter Mode. 

Here are a few things to note: 

  • It works fine in Manual Mode
  • It works fine in Stabilize Mode
  • It works fine when I switch into Auto/Loiter on the ground (It will power up) 

I have an airspeed sensor, so did the following:

  • Verified cruise speed is set higher than airspeed sensor value when I kicked on Auto
  • Set cruise speed higher anyway
  • Tried disabling the airspeed sesnor

I was thinking it might be altitude related so tried the following

  • Increased loiter altitude to 1000M, tried to same with absolute altitude mode. It did seem to not want to descend as before and was nearing stall so I took over. But still no throttle.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I searched the forum and saw some similar issues but it did not appear any of the solutions worked. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I think I found a relevant log file, and have attached it. 

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I had the same problem during my setup in my ground tests but in flight such thing did not happen. (I almost took a risk). at that time I thought it is matter of speed. now it seems it is not! now it is more risky. I had arduplane 2.72!

I appreciate any kind of explanation!

In auto mode the throttle only works after take off speed is reached , loiter is also an auto mode. Throttle level is set in the parameters . Set the value for the cruise throttle, switch to auto and throw the plane

Well, i figured it out. the throttle channel was revsered. lol... i had assumed this was not the issue since it powered up on the ground... but... alas it was. now i have an altitude problem, but thats a problem for another day!

Wouldn't your altitude problem be related to your throttle issue? If you are in an Auto mode and the AP is calling for increased power due to diminishing altitude, with a reversed throttle a call for increased throttle would result in less throttle and an increasing call for more power as altitude continues to diminish.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY


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