i have some weird issues with arduplane, I have TowerPro 40A (purple), it only can be initialize if the APM2.0 is powered on first which is a bit problem for me as I power the board using the ESC, if there a way to fix this problem? if I add another Ubec I will need to rewired everything!

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Hi Iduwan,

I had a similar issue with a cheap ESC.

Turned out to be interference from the 2.4G transmitter making the ESC think the throttle wasn't set to zero.

Solution: Set Transmitter to Range Test mode (which drops the output power by about a factor of 30) and place it away from your arduplane when booting up. REMEMBER to set back to full power before flying!!!

You could also try placing a ferrite bead on the BEC cable. wrap it around about 4 times.


well my problem is actually different, I'm using rangelink 433mhz not 2.4ghz, and it turn out i will need to power the apm board first before plugging the battery to the esc, look like i have no choice to add another bec

The frequency of the transmitter is not the issue although the length of your BEC cable is probably close to a 1/4 wavelength of your 433Mhz (17.3cm) and may be resonating. Anyway, you can confirm if your ESC is the problem from my last post.

good luck.


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