hi there 
I have had the APM for a few weeks now and and i am trying out the auto function.
It follows the mission course fine the first time.
Then i try to load a different course and write it to the APM, then i switch it into Auto mode in the air and all it does is circle around in the air and eventually try kill itself (nose dive).
I also noticed that it becomes very jerky on the Ailerons like it is trying to correct it self quickly while flying in circles. 

I did not reset the APM board between loading the missions.
I am using ArduPlane v2.28 and APM mission planner.

I have added a log it happens at 63%

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A little more information would be helpful...  

What airplane is this, which hardware version APM (1 or 2) is in use and can you upload both the waypoints file and the params file.  It looks to me that ground level for you is 360 feet and the plane is flying at 450 +/- feet.  My testing is done at no less than 250 feet above ground and more often at 350.  This gives a lot more altitude to react and save the airplane.  The waypoints seem to be close together and the turns are sharp angles.  In my experience, using an EasyStar, the airplane will not make those turns without a loop outside the course.

I just thought it was strange because it works the first time then when i reload the same mission it starts circling.

My plane its the bixler and it is APM 1 

I made the course short because i am surrounded in forest.

I will get the param list when i get back home


At 63% it's heading to home, altitude seems stable, it makes 3/4 circle (it could possibly be loitering because it arrived home). I don't see it nose diving?

Parameters and Waypoints will really help.

I downloaded the bixler para but when i flew it. It kept going round in circles.

So i made my own one and it works fine in stabilize mode

And it nose dived briefly and then i put it into manual and corrected it.

And i made sure i pressed restart mission before i flew.

Maybe it is not clearing the waypoint EEPROM properly?.

Because i reloaded the code and it worked the first time and not the next




Sorry I'm no expert - but maybe we can stumble upon a solution:

The problem that you're speaking of - does it occur after 63% and before 64% of the tlog? I see a drop from 143m to 139m which isnt a lot, especially since the waypoint is at 100m. On the telemetry it certainly does'nt appear to nose dive.

However, on nosedives I have some experience. Make sure your rudder do not have excessive travel. Fly manual and see what happens when you move your rudder to max. This caused my Skywalker to tip stall.

I don't think it has anything to do with clearing the waypoint EEPROM.

Where you writing a new course while it was in the air? I find this is very unreliable and risky.

Give it a try again, at a higher altitude?

Just a note - you don't have to make your last command RTL. It will come back home anyway at the end of the mission.

I reloaded on the ground.

I will have another go tonight 

I had another flight with mixed results.

On the first flight it went to the 1st way point and then the yellow line locked on to the next but then it started doing the circles thing again.

So i reloaded the mission and then when i put it into auto mode it started doing the circles and the yellow line had not locked on to the 1st way point.

Then i reset the whole plane by reconnecting the battery leads and loaded the waypoints and it seemed to fly the mission fine without any problems.

So it seems that i need to reset the board to put in new way points.

I still think that the issue may be in the EEPROM not clearing properly 

Very strange, sorry I can't help any further, but I can't think that it's the eeprom - besides the eeeprom is supposed to be non-valitile, it shouldn't clear. If there's any residual RAM that can't be cleared, there would be other more serious indicators. I could be wrong.

I hope someone else can help you.

Oh well thanks anyway.

Will have another flight tonight and see how it goes.

I think i might have another idea about what it could be the connector on the APM board to the Xbee module.

It came loose on the ground and it is a little bit dodgy.

So if it came loose briefly in the air could that affect it? 

and forgot to say that it snakes it's way to the way points.

and wont go in a straight line 

Are the surfaces responding correctly under stab and fbw? Could be the gains are too low. How far were your latest WP apart?


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