Need some input, for the pass few days I have been trying to figure out how to mount my APM2.0, wanted to mount at the front under the canopy but i will have my RC and FPV TX there so i cut the belly of my AXN to accommodation the APM2.0

My question is will it effect the GPS ? as it located in side the plane (no plain view of the sky), which I could separate the GPS and put it outside but it already embedded to the shield

Oh how to do dual channel aileron? i can only see example for single aileron setup

any thought?


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After having an AXN which is now more of a BXN (Busted XN) - I actually suggest that once you've cut the belly you should re-inforce.  I had a nose dive which tore the front of the whole plane and it split right up the cut I made for the APM.  Where you have cut is a bit further back than I did it, so it might work ok. but you can see the weekened structural integrity straight away.

After I fixed that issue by hot-water re-moulding the EPO I glued the whole front section back on with hot-glue and it is stronger than it was with just the EPO itself (strong enough for me to take it for some acrobatics and anti-magpie dive bombing, only to careen out of control and split my front and wings into multiple bits of white stuff all over the oval)

...I see you've opted for the Fabric tape on the under-side, I would suggest shoring up the sides and just in front of the Cut you've made with the same material.  In fact even if you close the unit up once all Pieces are in place, then Tape along both sides of the hull and underside which will perform two actions, keeping the pod-bay-door closed, and giving some side-wall integrity.

I initially did dual channel for mine - depends on your transmitter setup (I was using Turnigy E9rx and just set an extra channel with -100% I think...can't quite recall.

With the GPS - the closer your GPS is to the motor and/or ESC it might suffer some interference, but from a signal perspective itself - keep in mind the GPS is receiving signals from about 100kms in geo-sync orbit...another 2 inches up or down itself won't make a difference.  There's more interference getting back to an in-car tom-tom or similar from the RFI from an engine and mobile phone and electrical instruments, and they don't suffer enough to send you to any more than a few meters off-course, let alone another suburb...

wow thanks for the lengthy reply, yes i was planning to re-inforce the cut area somehow, already done putting carbon spar on my horizotal/vertical stab,

My dual aileron question is more to which port in the APM2.0 as i dont see how i can tell APM2.0 that my second aileron servo is connected to which pin on the APM2.0 or we have a dedicated pin for that? AUX1/2/3? I'm using turnigy 9x with er9x too radio mixing is not a problem would be bad in stablize mode only 1 aileron is correcting it self :D

EDIT: found my answer for the Aileron part!


so everything is good now case close! :D


Great to see - and thanks for sharing the link you found for it too.

I did some testing on GPS interference, you may find it helpful:


The further away you can get the GPS antenna away from a VTX or any transmitter the better. This is something that plagued the FPV community. Especially if you're running a 900mhz VTX. One thing you'll notice is the GPS lock will go away once you're airborne. Some folks in the FPV community have placed the VTX out on the wing giving them better spacing. 

wow nice one i wonder why i missed that from your channel maybe to much of them to watch! thanks that really help clear some doubt

I'm using 1.2ghz with lowpass filter and yes my VTX will be mounted on right wing and my Cloverleaf on my left side of the wing, the AXN actually my test platform before moving them to my flying wing Windrider 48" ele-bevoloution

gps lock lost while airbone what concern me at the moment :)

Are you able to get a GPS lock as is? This weekend, with an APM2.0 on a Deep Reaper wing, in and amongst the wires, RX, OSD, and secondary battery, but with a clear view of the sky and not near the ESC, motor, or main batteries – I could get no lock, zero satellites. If I moved the APM two inches to the side and separated it from all the wires, etc – I was able to quickly get a lock with 8 or more satellites. For me, at least, the APM2 with imbedded GPS is very susceptible to interference.


it been raining here so i dont have a chance to bring it outside yet, I still have a few thing need to be sorted out like making a new CL/SPW for my FPV RX/TX camera mount, OSD wiring

but i might as well test it later tonight (I'm on GMT+8) if not raining :) carrying around a plane fuselage and a notebook in the middle of the might attract to much attention :P


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