Hi all, I am trying to set up my 3w-80xi single cylinder engine on my APM 2.5 board. I want to know which parameters should be modified inside the mission planner in order to control the engine. Besides, I know that the throttle values that the APM sends to the output channels goes from 0 to 100, should I modify something to control the servo which open and closes the throttle lever?

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Do you know if it is possible to make autonomous flight with a glow engine? Those two parameters are for manually control as far as I know

The Canberra UAV Challenge was won by a gas engine plane this year using APM ;)

"When throttle is supressed in auto mode it is normally forced to zero. If you enable this option, then while suppressed it will be manual throttle. This is useful on petrol engines to hold the idle throttle manually while waiting for takeoff"

Which means before entering auto, it will use the position of your stick for throttle. On entering auto it won't kill throttle, but keep it as set, until the first command is received, usually takeoff.


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