i have not flown my APM yet. Should i be taking off in FBWA mode or manual mode for the first flight ?

One i know everything is setup and working should i take off in FBWA mode then (as i have been told it is the easiest) or do people take off in manual and then switch to another mode ?

FBWB mode seems "easier" should i not use that once i know the plane works as opposed to FBWA ?



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Usually the maiden flight I take off in Manual mode. Once I'm trimmed out I'll switch to FBWA to get an idea of how bad it's tuned.

As of 3.0.2 you have a feature called Autotune. After you're trimmed I'd suggest taking off in manual and switch to autotune and follow the procedure. After your craft is tuned you can take off in whatever mode you want (except RTL because that's silly).

yes you can takeoff in FBWA. but keep the THR_MAX parameter at 100% or close to it. at takeoff you generally need 100% throttle.

Eric, Idea is to get to a comfortable altitude and switch to Autotune. It's going to react the same way as FBWA during the process. The only time I've seen autotune go bonkers is on a setting of 9. At that point I was oscillating like crazy! 

Yes. I ran an autotune on my Mini Talon. It rocks! 

The only thing I had to do after Autotune was adjust L1 and my flare altitude.

Scott, what value did you adjust for L1 (before and after autotune)?

I changed NAVL1_PERIOD from the default of 25 to 17. Then changed WP_RADIUS from 30 to 60.

YMMV from aircraft to aircraft. It's a matter of putting it up in a box type pattern, then watch for the weaving. The larger the box mission the better. I've tuned for a small box mission. Then had to retune when I noticed weaving in a larger boxed mission. I'm pretty particular when it comes to the aircraft following a line. 


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