Hi folks,

Hobby King just have added "Ardupilot Mega V2.5" flight controller in its new items page:


The price is 71.71!!! Any idea about this product?



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Ah...Sorry.  I'm not familiar with "Monroe"...but he sounds like a tool (hey, I'll call a spade a spade).

I was working with a guy named Daniel.  But he went silent on me after the last RMA.  I suspect they think I'm frying the boards, or damaging them and getting free RMA's.  That's not the case, which is why I offered the WebEx Teleconference so they can see I still have the original APM that I broke (hey, I'll own my mistakes)...and their "new" RMA (I'm beginning to think the RMA's aren't "NEW" but referbished).  They can also take control of my desktop to fix it remotely via the Flight Planner Terminal.  But...they won't respond.

Please explain, or point me to the site, where a heat gun can fix the "unrepairable".  My 1st APM (one from the crash) connects to Flight Planner Terminal, but it fails on Gyro Initialization.  I would like to get it working...but no luck so far.  The last RMA only connects via the Terminal, and then it immediately scrolls through "Diagnostic" testing options (of which there are 9).  It scrolls for about two(2) pages, and then awaits an input.  It then rejects every option, or command entered.  If you have an idea on this one....I'll hack it.  Hell, 3DR won't help...so I'll test bed it.


I am now very curious, what do you do for a day job that would involve testing and assessing the APM so rigorously?
Do you test other autopilots as well?
Are you paid to do this?
If so, can I have your job? :)

I would love to know....
Are you an Open Pilot Dev?
What part of that report did you do?
Still haven't figured out how you get paid, are you a google employee? Or freelance hacker?
How well does Open pilot stack up for its openness and quality control? How open is it really?

Just curious....

So much gets typed while I'm doing my Day Job (no...not an RC tester/dev) ... where to start --

>> Ha ha you don't know DS like I do we go way back :) Sorry to hear your having problems anything I can do to help?

You can help me by getting the latest APM 2.5+ I ordered from 3DR working. I've attached a screen shot of what is being displayed from the Console. It won't accept any of the offered options (1-9), nor will it accept any types of commands. It won't connect in any other mode except Terminal.

BTW...just as an FYI...I'm not a newbie to Tech nor RC. I soldered my first computer together in 1979. I work for a major (read as ***MAJOR***) IT company designing and installing multi-million dollar solutions. I hold certifications with every Operating System/Hypervisor that runs on x86 software. I'm skilled at all System V Unix variants. I've run Linux on IBM Mainframes. I script in three(3) different languages, and program in two(2). As for RC -- I've been flying for over eight(8) years. I currently have over 30 flying airframes. I have four(4) quads, and Two(2) Tricopters. I'm using Flight controllers ranging from KK2 boards, to MultiWii boards, to MultiWii's hacked with MegaPirate MG, to ArduPilots from Hobby King (Sorry...none of yours seems to want to work).

Why did I write all that? So you understand that I'm not some newbie that can't hook up a MicroUSB cable and run some software to talk to the controller board. BTW, on top of all the above, I'm a Federal Service Academy Graduate. I don't lie, steel or cheat...nor do I tolerate those who do. Why do I say this? To assure you that I'm not trying to pull a fast one and rip you off. I have a genuine issue, and every RMA I've received over the past two(2) months have been DOA out of the box. In fact, my wife brought me the last one...watched me open it and plug it in...and saw the error fly across the CLI and hear my curses. I have a wittness..who, btw is totally biased AGAINST this hobby (it takes too much time away from her), so she has a vested interest in things not working.

I can provide you with remote control of my desktop if you want to try remote diagnostics. I will provide you any log, or any evidence you want. If you decide the boards needs to go back (AGAIN)...I **BEG** you to test the next board you send me. I *HATE* RMA's. It takes a week to get to you...and a week to get back. The nearest FedEx to me is over 30 miles away...and it's just a pain in the #@@$. Besides, 3DR isn't making any money if they're paying shipping for repeated RMA's. Eats right into the ol' profit margin.

>> I may be a tool but I'm no fool! lol no sane person would actually spend a ton of money on more APM's than they need. Unless they had some business purpose to do so. Your average modeler here has had success using only 1 APM. For sure.

Tools can be helpful, or harmful. Depending how they're used. A hammer to turn a bolt doesn't work too well. A man's private parts to drive a rail road spike through a rail road tie doesn't work too well either (well...unless you OD on Viagra). How useful a tool you are is as yet indeterminate in my eyes.

As for the number of APM's I'm using...does it really matter? I have a quad and a Tricopter running them now. I want to build a long range wing. I want to build an Octocopter. etc. I have uses for them. As for "Average modeler"...I am not. I've invested over $100K in this hobby over the past 8 years...and I'm branching out to drones. The Vendor's for the equipment I will use is quickly narrowing down.

Now...what do you need from me?



I'll shoot you a PM after I finish typing this.

WOW...that is a video made in frustration!

You know, I'm close to a hobby shop that is really big into multi-rotor, and I'm friends with everyone up there.  They're big into DJI and the Naza controllers.  Granted...they are GREAT boards...but man are they $$$.  And for Autopilot functionality...it's even more $$$$$$$$$$.  That's why I stared playing with the APM's.  Anyways, I was talking to them about the Ardu, and the comment was made -- "What you mean you actually got one that worked?"  And "How's the support working out for you?"  You see...3DR is gaining a reputation in the hobby...and not a good one.  I was taken aback by their comments, and when I asked what they mean...they explained, in some great detail, some of the horror stories they've heard.  Of course, this was before I ran into QA/RMA hell....so I argued in favor of 3DR.  Now?  Well...let's hope the topic doesn't come back up.

Anyways...Monroe...if you own 3DR...your company is getting a rather poor reputation, and with Hobby King coming out with a working board...customer service is your greatest strength...as you've just lost the price war.

Anyways...I appreciate your offer of trying to fix the board.  Let's see what Monroe does for me.  If I hit a brick wall (no pun intended)...I'll give a shout.


Oh...I love the APM...kewlest thing I've seen in this hobby since the LiPo battery!  I just wish the expensive 3DR boards worked!  :P

I'm all about Open Source too...Linux is my OS of choice.  :)


So this lovely thread, having devolved into some sort of daytime TV soap opera, and now at the top of the "Top Content" list on the front page of  "The Leading Community for Personal UAVs" is what the new/casual visitor to our hobby/obsession/profession is likely to see? Cool.

Hi All,

Please let's keep this discussion reasonably civil or I will have to ask the author to close-out this discussion like was done with Hook's HK APM2.5. blog post when it became OT and nothing but a flame war.


TCIII Admin (The Guy with the Navy ball cap)

The personal dramaz being played out here yet again are really tedious. If you need to discuss your personal beliefs or attitudes about another user, please spare us and email them or send them a private message.  Next time you're about to hit the reply button in this thread--just don't.



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