Dear Customer,

You are receiving this notice because our records indicate that you purchased an airspeed sensor from 3D Robotics. Our ongoing product testing has turned up a rarely occurring issue that can cause poor performance of the airspeed sensor.

There is no further action required if:

You are not using an airspeed sensor with APM 2.5
You are using an APM 1.0 or APM 2.0

When using the APM 2.5 with a telemetry radio and GPS, the current draw of these two devices may cause inaccurate airspeed sensor readings. An immediate fix for this is to disable the airspeed sensor in the Mission Planner.

For those who do need to use the airspeed sensor along with GPS and telemetry radio, and are affected by this issue, you can return your APM 2.5 to us so that we may replace a single component on your board and remedy this issue entirely.

We will do this at no cost to you. Simply reply to this message, and we will issue you a return merchandise authorization (RMA) with instructions on shipping your APM 2.5 back to us.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and look forward to continuing to provide you with the best quality autonomous products at the most affordable prices.

The 3DR Team

if the problem is real is what it is and how to fix it yourself?

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I need to know exactly what modification they will perform to my board. Anyone know?

I installed a few APM2.5 but no found any problems.
possible problem happens when overload supply f1 fuse blows, but I always use a separate power supply 5v, connected to the inputs

Hope it is not a phishing letter as I replied to it. Don't usually do that.

The letter is real but fortunately the problem will only affect a very specific group of users mentioned in the letter.

The fix is to replace Fuse F2 in the APM 2.5 with 1.1A 1206L110THYR.

thank you very much

If the problem is with the airspeed analogue device only using 10mA, then how is changing the fuse going to sort it? Surely dodgy analogue readings are down to fluctuating voltage. This would be caused by the diode not the fuse?

I think that the problem could be much wider.
there are receivers which consume more, minimOSD + Telemetry can also overload the fuse

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Hey Craig.. Are the new boards shipping with this already fixed? What I might end up doing is buying a new board while my old one is being 'fixed'. 

Everything we had in stock was modified and every new board is assembled with the new fuse.

Great thanks! 

Hey Craig,

    I just received my APM2.5 last friday. It was shipped last monday. Can you tell me if the board is already fixed. Or do I need to send it back to be fixed?


Jyothy Nagol.

If you got a letter it should be returned.


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