Dear Customer,

You are receiving this notice because our records indicate that you purchased an airspeed sensor from 3D Robotics. Our ongoing product testing has turned up a rarely occurring issue that can cause poor performance of the airspeed sensor.

There is no further action required if:

You are not using an airspeed sensor with APM 2.5
You are using an APM 1.0 or APM 2.0

When using the APM 2.5 with a telemetry radio and GPS, the current draw of these two devices may cause inaccurate airspeed sensor readings. An immediate fix for this is to disable the airspeed sensor in the Mission Planner.

For those who do need to use the airspeed sensor along with GPS and telemetry radio, and are affected by this issue, you can return your APM 2.5 to us so that we may replace a single component on your board and remedy this issue entirely.

We will do this at no cost to you. Simply reply to this message, and we will issue you a return merchandise authorization (RMA) with instructions on shipping your APM 2.5 back to us.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and look forward to continuing to provide you with the best quality autonomous products at the most affordable prices.

The 3DR Team

if the problem is real is what it is and how to fix it yourself?

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I received a confirmation today from Lexie at 3DR that my board has been shipped back to me via Fed-EX. So it would appear that they are currently on time with their original schedule of 3-5 day turn around. As this was day 3 since their receipt of my board I would say are doing a good job!

Steve-I would expect that since your board was received by 3DR on the same day mine was that you will probably see your board this week, for me it will probably be next week.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

UPDATE: They appear to be using Fed-EX 2-Day for returns as I just received a notice via email that my package is scheduled for delivery on Friday.

They just sent me a USPS tracking number. Talk about a fast turn around! I'm hoping I get mine back before the holiday weekend *crosses fingers*..

Thanks Andrew for the succinct heads up. Just ordered mine. 

I received my APM 2.5 board back from 3DR on Friday complete with it's new fuse! To my surprise it also was shipped back to me in a brand new enclosure! I had purposefully not sent my case with the board for fear it being lost.

Round trip including shipping from the East coast of the US to 3DR on the West coast and back again was 2 weeks and 1 day including a holiday! Eight of those days were in shipping, two weekend days, and 1 holiday, meaning 3DR processed the board in four days. Not bad 3DR, right on schedule.

The only thing I wish is that they would use a method that got it from me to 3DR faster. Of the nine shipping days, seven of those were getting the board to 3DR to start the process. USPS could have shaved 4 days off that time. I don't know what the FedEX package returns program cost's 3DR but a 10"x5" priority mail pouch is $5.60, I wouldn't have minded paying the difference.

Anyway all in all I'm happy that 3DR stepped up and offered the solution and fulfilled the commitment as advertised.

Now I get to fly again....if only it would stop is summer out there right?


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

@alexey, i need to have the fuse replaced on my APM2.5 since i received an email. can you please instruct me how to get RMA ticket for getting the fuse replaced on my APM2.5. thanx

Open up a support case with them and they can RMA the device. Email should be help at 3drobotics dot com. 


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