i know this might seem like an obvious question but am i supposed to remove JP1 on arduplane when using the 3dr power module in conjunction with the APM 2.6 ? Right now i have it inserted and everything seems fine although i have not flown yet. What is the impact if i leave JP1 inserted ?

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If using the power module, remove JP1. Servos can cause a lot of noise and voltage spikes, you want to keep them separated :)


    Thanks, I've fixed that typo.

Also the PM is only supplying about 2A. Its quite easy to max that out with servos, best to use a BEC or a BEC from your ESC. That means JP1 removed.

you should remove JP1 if you are using 3DR power module. this would keep the power supply of APM and servos isolated form each other. provide a separate power for your servos. connect a 5V external power supply (BEC) to servo output bus. if you keep the JP1 the servos would draw current from APM which is not healthy. the APM Fuse may trip.

Perfect. Thanks everyone



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