Hey guys,

My EPP FPV has this bad habit of pitching down when the throttle is increased to maximum in both manual and auto mode (CG is perfect when I'm flying in manual mode, no trims). It may be indicative of bad thrustline or flexing of the entire tail section in high speed. In auto mode, the ardu can compensate enough when I limit the maximum throttle to about 60 percent but it flies too slow and it will not be able to fly stably in moderate winds. If I set the maximum speed to 100, the ardu fails to pitch up enough so it enters a fast, gradual dive, exceeding the airspeed limit I put in the parameters. Since I would not want to mess any more with the airframe,

I was wondering if I can tune the ardu to compensate for these bad tendencies. I'm looking at Nav Pitch AS Pid and and Nav Pitch Alt Pid but Im not sure how these affect each other. Can anyone explain these parameters and suggest other parameters I can tweak to give the plane more pitch to help it maintain the altitude and airspeed?

I'm running an


APM 2.5 with arudplane 2.71



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hi serge, us the standard parmeter function in throttle-pitch mixing in configuration. it is set in %. try  3 -5 %. it can be + or - . if nose goes down on throttle up then should be - (minus). most aircrafts nose up or down on throttle powering up.this function takes care of that.


I had a similar problem.

 When motor was over 65% my FPV pitched down but if reduced throttle to minimum it flew without no problem.


I had to change the motor angle to compensate this pitch problem.


From there on I had no problem and it fly very stable in any mode.


Hope that this help you

Thank you sir. I will test it out tomorrow. :D
Thank you for sharing this sir. I am also considering doing this. If the autopilot cannot compensate, I will definitely experiment on adding upthrust on the pusher motor.


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