I have been trying to get minimosd to read my Rangelink RSSI, can't seem to get it to work followed the guide here:


but instead of compiling the Arduplane I changed only in the advance param list or i still need to recompile? last time i try after uploading the hex GSC can't connect anymore


MinimOSD see 57% value when my TX is on but still 57% after TX is off, any input would be appreciated 


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I need to do the same, but I understood recompiling is no longer required. Cany anybody confirm this for us?

I use PIN A6 on apm1.4 and it works.

unfortunately does not work for me, i define A8 for RSSI, I see minimOSD see some voltage on from the pin but never worked properly

Did you ever get this figured out? I'm having a similar problem.


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