Hi all,

first, sorry for sending erverybody a message, my fault :-/

I don't know, if this is the rigth place to post, but I'll give it a try.
Today I tried my APM2.5 on my plane (Walrus from HK).
Manual mode was okya, stabilisation was okay, but RTL and loiter was crap. The plane was going like wobbling or dancing, but it disn't what it sould do. Another point is, that it didn't stored any log file :-(

So, does anybody from you experts has an idea what went wrong?

Thx in advance for your thoughts.



APM 2.5
ArduPlane V2.71

Connected GPS with connect

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To repeat my answer to your PM, you need to go through the tuning process in the manual. (Adjust Servo_Roll_ until it holds a 45 degree angle in FBW).  Once that's set, everything else should perform as expected. 

Thanks a lot. I will go though that tuning.



hi chris, just try reversing the rudder channel by using mission planner's radio calibration tab. DO NOT reverse yaw by radio control. it should correct the problem you are facing.



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