Does anyone know of a two-piece flying wing for FPV?  I want a wingspan longer than 48-inches but that's the largest wing that will fit in my car.

Something in the 60-inch range that breaks down for transport would be perfect.


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Skywalker X-8

Thanks, Marcin!  I didn't realize the wings came off for transport.


I have built one of those for a client.

Just remember you have to pull the aileron cables out of the fuse to remove the wings.

Most users of this flying wing use a catapult.

This plane is huge and is very difficult to hand launch.



Good tips, Thomas, thanks!  I hadn't considered launch issues -- I was hoping to be able to toss it.


That video is terrifying and hilarious!


The member who built the X8 did not check control surface movement in FBWA Mode so the plane did not respond like it did in the Manual Mode.



That'll do it.

Ooooooooo that is pretty! But I think I may have to dial back my aspirations to something like 48 inches.  It never occurred to me that I'd need a launcher of some kind - I was hoping to stick with a simple discus toss.

You can use a dolly.
Goolge it. there are several different.

Brilliant! Like a little Me 163 =)

A larger wing is looking more practical all the time.


Guou!!! I worked a lot in something like Dolly in the past but never find any information about because I didn't know the name; now I google dolly and find a lot :O ; thank's Martin.



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