Does anyone know of a two-piece flying wing for FPV?  I want a wingspan longer than 48-inches but that's the largest wing that will fit in my car.

Something in the 60-inch range that breaks down for transport would be perfect.


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If you want to stay around 48" inches, try the RMRC Mako Link 

I just finished building one Link 

One owner says he does a discus launch.



I agree with Marcin and Thomas.

The Skywalker X8 is simply too big to be just hand launched.

In my first trials and I almost got it ruined in the front and in the wing joints. A disaster.
I decided to make a ramp catapult, but sincerelly, it's far more efficient just by launching it from the hand with an elastic cord, not to mention the space that the catapult would take in the back of the car.

I've bought a 10m elastic cord from a bricolage store that was supposed to be used to wrap baggages in cars and the specs say it can withstand up to 150kg of weight. It's short and super strong.
After having seen "thousands" of youtube videos on Youtube, I have to confess that I haven't seen a better launch than mine.
The damn thing just shoots away from my hand (without any throttle) straight like a rocket just with a few paces back. Easier its impossible, and I'm a n00b with such big planes!

The elastic cord is 10m long with 10mm diameter and it cost me 15€.

It's like this:



Great tip, António.



If you do go with the X8, make sure you securely attach (glue) the fuse/wing connectors to their respective mating surfaces as I have seen a wing separate from the X8 fuse when the wing connector sheared away from the mating surface on the wing shoulder.



Have you ever considered the RV Jet from Range Video? Breaks down to canopy and separate wings. Keep the original packaging as you can use it for storage, Can have a gimbal in nose.... Competition can be found at Hobby King, but nose is not as good... 

Any way you go, consider launching either discus style, but that will be difficult considering weight, or bungee resp. catapult.

Rear pusher blades act like a blender to your hand / wrist / arm and launch success is no way comparable with elastic cord crafted launch.

Check GeekShow channel on uTube for fixed wing launches with bungee cord fixed to car.

There are other solutions for fixed wing frames (planes) that can break down to transportable/stowable dimensions.

Will apreciate your feedback on what works for you.

Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. I haven't looked at the RV Jet for a while but I will do more research on.

It may be some time before I pull the trigger on a wing but I'll be sure to post the results here.

Just stumbled upon this company. Worth a check I guess:

Wicked bit of kit!  I love that they're using an actual chain drive =D

from the guys who built the FX-61 also comes the FX-79 Buffalo, a 2m, just under 79" but is collapsible, into 3 pieces, it has long range and heavy payload capabilities.
good luck


The nice thing about a one-piece FPV wing is component separation without the hassle and potential reliability risk of making and breaking connections with each flying session.  I have seen people stuff 60" wings in compact cars.

You don't need to go to 48" to hand launch.  Plenty of people hand launch the FX-61.  There are countless how-to videos on YT for every type of wing imaginable.  I personally wouldn't attempt hand launching something the size and typical weight of an X8 though.  

Thanks, Trung.  The FX-61 is beginning to look very attractive. 


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