Does anyone know of a two-piece flying wing for FPV?  I want a wingspan longer than 48-inches but that's the largest wing that will fit in my car.

Something in the 60-inch range that breaks down for transport would be perfect.


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Well.... You only need to ask.
I dint know the name a time ago but I remember a WWII plane that uses that system. So I google it and find the answer.
The plane was the Me 163 Komet
The plane use the dolly to take off and have a skid plat for landings.I believe it was the first opperational rocket plane.

Here is a link to my post on RCgroups that shows my FX-61 with removable wings and vertical fins. It breaks down nice and small to fit in a box that can travel anywhere with me.

Quite straightforward to do when building, adds negligible weight.

Good luck!

FX-61 removable wings and fins mod

Crady, when u setup the elevons there would be two choices. use the choice in which the RC Tx is set as a normal 4 servo aircraft (rudder/ele/ail/thro). Let the APM do the mixing for elevons even in manual mode. by choosing this mode the software uses full deflection for the control surfaces when in  Auto mode. so set ELEVON_MIXING=0 and ELEVON_OUTPUT=1. this way setup would be much faster in configuration of aircraft. I had been flying wings for last one year. Do enable TRIM_AUTO and trim the aircraft in manual  mode and then switch to FBW for a while. after trimming disable TRIM_AUTO.

I didn't know that.  Thanks for the tip, Ravi.  

@Thomas, I have a long stading problem, when I launch my flying wing in AUTO takeoff mode, the plane climbs perfectly at the selected pitch, but when aircraft reaches the desired altitude and turns to Waypoint 1, the plane looses height by 20 meters before climbing to Waypoint 1 altitude. I cannot think of any solution. this happens with all of my aircrafts. I am using AP3.1.2

I have lately shifted to EPP foam wings. they are so ROUGH and TOUGH. just toss them anywhere. you can even step over them. they fly beautifully. only thing that while trimming in manual mode they need about 3 degree of permanent up elevons on both side. I have peen flying nito plane pop-wing 1200mm. I have done several auto flight and almost all of them perfect.


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