I am looking for the Aero M Camera Bay. I have performed an exhaustive search and before I design and print one I was wondering if anyone knows how to locate one? Or if there is a 3D file? (.stl) Any help would be great. Thank you.

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In that photo only showed the skids to prevent damages to the camera lens, not camera bay itself.

The standard camera bay on Aero M were inside plane, into the nose, only.

Like this one, someone were selling at Ebay:

The skids:

If would you thinking to share your camera cradle design, please, let me know.


I like the door and gps detail.
Mind sharing the link to download those?

There is no door closing before landing to protect the lens ?

I see several simple holes in fuselage for mapping planes, without door. Maybe having one is overkill ? 

If I could get a hold of one to measure, I could recreate and enclose the entire thing. This is assuming that the lens telescopes in and out (canon s100?) Or I could make different versions per camera. Is there an eBay listing you can link us too?

I just hand made the GPS and jammed it in the top with hot glue.

Here's the door:


Roger Monongo said:

I like the door and gps detail.
Mind sharing the link to download those?



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