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APM Pro and APM Planner 2.25

No servo output on S1, S2 for elevons.

Servos work great connected directly to Rx.

APM Planner shows artificial horrizon and compass.  Radio calibration looks OK.

Problem is, no output signal.

Is this a defective flight controller?

Any trouble shooting ad

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WANTED: Aero M Camera Bay

I am looking for the Aero M Camera Bay. I have performed an exhaustive search and before I design and print one I was wondering if anyone knows how to locate one? Or if there is a 3D file? (.stl) Any help would be great. Thank you.


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Turnigy Trust 70A ESC Issues

Hello all,

I have been working on a VTOL modification for a couple of weeks now, and had just gotten to the point of conducting a few hover tests. The night before I went through and checked to make sure everything was properly functioning, and all wa

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