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Hi,I've got this weird problem and hope someone could help me with it.I'm trying to setup APM 2.5 on my Firstar v2 2000. It is a large and heavy plane and requires a lot of space to land as it needs to fly fast to stay in the air.I want to setup crow

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Good Arduplane platform


Do you guys have a suggestion what airplane should i build? Buying a kit is not an option. :( They want me to assemble one out of foamboard(Depron) which will carry APM 2.6, fpv camera and 2x 2200mah 3s battery. Thank you guys.

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Bad Power Module?

Hi all, 

I'm having and issue with a power module and Pixhawk.

I just can't calibrate the voltage sensor, I read the Lipo voltage with a multimeter, then input that value in Mission Planner but the values go crazy.

I tried "Other" and all the options in

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Relay switch for Gopro camera !!

Hi all ,

I need to hack Camera go pro to control throw pixhawk

I remove the power switch cover of the camera and connect it with two wires ( when connect them together ) for 3 second the camera ON when do it again the camera of .

Now Can I connect them

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