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Setting Geofence in Arduplane

Hi all

Is it possible in Arduplane to set the Geofence as it is set in Arducopter so it can be used as a safety feature, to protect against loss of orientation etc as set as always on like it can in copter.

All I can find is a bizzar option where it ha

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Mission Planning

I am planning a mission. The landing point is not the same location as the takeoff point.

  • How can i calculate the distance of my mission ? (Mission planner automatically appears to draw a return to start point as a waypoint - so the distance does not

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Control surfaces airspeed scaling

Hello ArduPlane community!

I am having some issues with the way how controller scales control surface throw based on airspeed. Without GPS sensor it appears ArduPlane uses throttle value to limit control surface movement. This behavior makes the plane

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PreArm error blank

We're trying to arm our plane with ONLY the PreArm check for INS turned on (16, bitmask 4). However, the Pixhawk fails to arm and returns the error:

"APM: PreArm: "


"Got MAVLink msg: COMMAND_ACK {command : 400, result : 4}" When running on MavProxy

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