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Arduplane and Sensors ?

Hi all ,,

I am using Arduplane with my gas plane ,

I want to include some sensor such as

RPM sensor .

Fuel level sensor.

Motor Temp Sensor.

I need to add them to pixhawk and control them from mission planner .

Is there any information about this ?

How to ?


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What differents in AirSpeed Sensor ?

Hi All ,

I have tested my plane with one Airspeed sensor MPXV7002DP Also wrote on it "CY" and "K1419"

and It works fine in Auto mode and every thing is ok .


know I use another Airspeed MPXV7002DP

but wrote on it "CV" and "K1419" the thir

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Beginner advice

Hi there!

I am very new to this forum and I would like to try to get started by building an ArduPlane.

I can fly an airplane model, I have some manual and electronic engineering skill, and I am pretty good when it comes to software.

Unfortunately, when

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Ailerons unlineraity

I wanted to post this request in Github but I cannot find where to place a Feature request.

As many planes are too small to mechanically create exponential aileron movements it would be very beneficial to to this with MW.

More up than down.

I understand

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Setting home

APM Copters are setting their home position when arming

APM Planes are setting their home position at power on

Why this???

I really appreciate APM copters behavior as it RTL to the place it was started

I would NEVER want a plane to RTL to a position wher

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EKF errors !!

hi all

I am still in the ground and I have many error messages in HUD screen in mission planner , 

such as :

- "Bad AHRS" even after I did all calibration ,

- "Bad Compass Health " I did calibration .

- " Error Compass Variation "

- position errors

when I p

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