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Adjust Airspeed In Flight

For our UAV project we are using the Pixhawk and Mission Planner 1.3.34. During flight we'd like to adjust the airspeed of the UAV. We are in AUTO mode flying the waypoints and are using the "Change Airspeed" under the ACTIONS tab. However, the speed

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Auto Mode Without Airspeed ??

hello all

I Hop to find real useful information and solutions .



 - APM 2.6 ( also test with Pixhack )

 - GPS ublox

 - MiniOSD



 - Mission planner 1.3.32

 - Arduplane Firmware 3.4

I test the Auto mode in the flight but when I c

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Autonomous Flying Wing

I have flown APM since 2012 in my Quads/Hexs
I want to get a flying wing that I can use the Pixhawk with.

I want it to be able to take off in a park sized field, fly way points and auto land. (basic recon)

I assume we are at that point with arduplane b

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