Hi all,

I want to install a rudder on to my kontiki, which is like a submarine which floats on the surface and takes a fishing line out to sea.

I am thinking of using an apm 2.8 with gps (because thats what i have) to drive a 20kg servo. The gps should point at a point about 3km out from the beach and the kontiki should follow that course until the timer turns off.

I would be grateful for any advise how to go about this.

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It's all here.

Thanks, but that a bit like looking for a needle in a hay stack. How do I find rudder control using apm 2.8? Where do I start looking. Please.

David Boulanger said:


It's all here.

apm 2.8 is not supported much anymore.  You would be better off getting a Pixhawk type controller.  However, everything you need to know is in the Rover Docs.


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