Has anyone used wired comms (not wireless) to their ArduRover project?  I'm looking at how I might use ArduRover for an underwater ROV and the first requirement will be that I communicate via a wire (preferably a single twisted pair).  The idea would be to use the Mission Planner to navigate the ROV on the water's surface to the desired location and then go into manual mode and dive underwater.

Another issue I'll also have to tackle will be how to modify the code for vertical thrust (to move the ROV up and down).

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Thanks for the info and the links.

Looks good.

How about starting a separate discussion thread for this Project?



Victor, do you have some documentation on this work?


@bigkahuna, I doubt it. The student has had several issues and this will probably push back the dates/outcome. Nevertheless, the student seems motivated and he's mentioned his will of continuing coding after the GSOC period ends.

@Craig, there's no docs prepared yet. Code is not ready yet and needs to tested in hardware.


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