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Brave sea hull

Hello all, can anybody tell me about how to build a similar hull? or any similar available on market?

I'm working in a sport fishing project, surf fishing (from coast), and i need at least 5 boat like this.  

Each boat have a cost of $1200 plus 500 shi

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Boat does not follow waypoint


I am using RC tugboat and i have issue where my boat does not follow the waypoint set up and if turn to auto mode the boat will move in zig zag position.

here are the details of hardware i used :


ArduPilot Mega 2.6 External Compass

APM Flight

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Got a message the my two T100 was on the way, so I was wondering if someone had used them for a build yet. 

Didn't find a thread about it, but someone must have got them and hopefully used them? What kind of hull have you build (or planed?)


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Slow servo and pixhawk

Working on a seond project. this one uses a linear actuator to steer a rudder on a 5 meter boat.

The travel time for the actuator is .5"\sec.

The stroke is 1.96"

My concern here is that with the slow travel time the servo might not be fast enough to kee

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two motor with different speed.

hi everyone.

    i build a boat with two bushed motor and brushed ESC( V 2.4.9 firmware was used), when i begin to  push the throttle, one motor work(1),other do not work(3). when the throttle on 1/3 position, two motor both work.

    has anyone encoun

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RC boat insurance

I am curious if anyone has searched for\found liability insurance for their boat. I have called the UAV insurance folks and they have either said "no" or failed to call me back after repeated attempts on my part to get an answer.

I also talked with my

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