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Steering with 360° Servo


i am planning to build a boat with a steering servo wich is capable of endless rotation. Is there any need for a "mid" position of the servo while driving? Or is the PID (+gyro/accel) enough to determine where to steer?

The Idea is, to rotate the p

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3D sonar mapping

Hey guys, I'm looking to start on my second apm project of a using the apm to create 3D photo realistic sonar imaging, not just general 3d topography of structures. I know a bit about the data logging for the pseudo 3d image mapping for aerial photog

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Depth Transducer on UART2

I am working on a project that involves interfacing a depth transducer to APM 2.5 and am having a little trouble.

As mentioned before, this is APM 2.5 that I am working with. I have had a pin array mounted to the board to gain access to the UART2 inte

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zig zag motion between waypoints

Hi All,

I built a 25ft arduboat to test it's abilities at such scale.

- Manual mode works great

- auto, hits way points quite accurately but goes along the path between one way point to another in a zig zag Fashion.

Can anyone provide any help wi

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Design Idea


I am working on a portable USV for search and rescue.  I am trying to figure out a platform to use of a boat.  I was looking at the RC plane floats, but I came across a youth Kayak that I think might work.  The seating area could house the equi

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Ocean-going drone

Hi all,

I am interested in long-distance ocean-going drones.

To date, I am aware of only 2 craft that have made it across the Pacific; both WaveGliders. They are  the Papa Mau and the Benjamin. Both released at the same time from San Francisco, it took

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AMP 2.6 Mega Programming

Hi All,

The time on my senior project is dwilndling down and I'm having a little trouble getting/trying to figure out the APM programmed for a boat rather than a plane. I'm not to sure where to begin with this since I've never worked with it before an

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