Finally got to the actual control algorithm for the Neural Network based guidance system:


The test cases were variety of take-offs, straight or bowed or even crashes. However no explicit wind was blow in the offline test cases. 

Then the quad-copter performed a take-off in a gust, it turned on its NN control when needed and reduced the drift substantially!

I added an actual animation at the end of the html file, so please see how the copter wobbles specially at the higher heights. There might be an issue there or simply the errors are too much and cause serious shaking. 

The conclusion is then clear: The NN control is viable and probably a superior option for small and larger quad-copters, in adverse weather and situations where the CG is compromised or heavy weights are loaded. 


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/* NN control should only be called when deviating off the desired path */
if (delta < threshold)

typo it should be:

if (delta > threshold)


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