So I am thinking of adding a "crab"-style landing gear to my 3dr x8 octoquad. This is mainly so I can add padding at the bottom for extra protection and for the ability to land/float on water in case of an emergency (and also for added clearance for gimbals, etc). Adding pool noodles or pipe insulation to the skids should do the trick. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I am looking at this frame from It's meant for a DJI F450 but I think it will work with the X8. Any thoughts?

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Well this person is using it on their 3DR quad. But I am certainly open to suggestions! 

No, I haven't found any specifically for the X8+ (tons for DJI copters though). But this one looks sturdy at least.

swimming poll noodles...looks a lot like house plumbing insulation but much larger. for flotation.... qt size empty soda bottles.

Looks a bit funny but super light weight and VERY bouyant (and dirt cheap)

For simple 'soft' landings..... loo at small cantilevered arms using small RC car shock absorbers as stays.


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