Hello all!

I am in the process of completely re configuring my 3drobotics Y6 with APM to a Carbon Fiber X8 with Pixhawk. Originally when I built my Y6 I neglected to properly document my build as to wiring etc, however I am drawing out my X8 wiring this time in its entirety.

Here is my wiring so far. Blue dashed boxes indicate that I still need to work on radio, fpv and motor wiring illustrations.

My main question at this point is,  Am I on the right track regarding the Pixhawk connectivity to the ESC's and PDB wiring for a X8 setup?

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I think your wiring for the second GPS should go to serial4/5 with a 6 pin cable, not on the I2C bus with a 4 pin cable (that is reserved for compass, not GPS).

Also I would advise you to add a couple of extra POS/NEG wires, soldered on the PDB, so that you could use them later on to feed some BECs (when you'll need them, or to have a backup power of pixhawk via the servo rail).

Another tip when you're soldering and installing your ESCs, label every cable so that you can identify : motor number and which three motor wires connect to which three ESC wires (rotation direction).

Good luck with your build.

Your right, my secondary GPS wiring was not correct, I must of copied/pasted and forgot to change the wiring. I verified your suggestion here GPS Wiring

Adding spare +/- wires to PDB, Good idea, OK no problem

I have a label gun and fine tip paint pens so labeling is covered for my motor & esc connections.

By the way, these Paint Pens work great for nice neat labeling on wires or dark surfaces. Very durable.

Thanks for your help.


I fixed the GPS wiring and added (2) 12v spare leads from the PDB "12v Reserved for future use" and (2) 5v leads from the ESC/BEC "5v Reserved for future use".

Your suggestion will come in handy because currently I am running my fpv on a separate battery.

If you see something wrong on my wiring, let me know.

My original image has been updated to reflect your suggestions.




Do you know why pixhawk doesn't really work well with Walkera G - 3S Gimbal ?


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