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Mounting propellers on Y6


I sent this support mail to 3DR, but decided to publish also here. Perhaps someone here can answer some of my questions?

1. Mounting prop with locating ring
The propellers (APC LP11047SF and LP10047SFP) don't fit the threaded collet (4.85 mm/0.19 in

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4S Y6 PID's - Need some help

Last week I received 4S batteries and have been trying to tune the PID's on my Y6 for it. I am hoping some of you who are using 4S batteries can share your params so I can compare. I started with the params file posted on the 3DR site.

I'm having a ha

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3DR Y6 Motor Options?

Anyone know why 3DR got rid of the 880 motor option?  They are only offering the 850 as a motor option with their kits and ARF's.  Also, what kind of flight times are you getting with the recommeded batteries?

Thanks in advance.

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4S on 3DR Y6? over watt for motors?


I'm curious how many people are using 4S batteries with their Y6 and how it performs. I was planning on trying a couple 4S batteries, but whenever I do any calculations on ecalc with a 4S battery, it says over power (260w vs 200w rating for the

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3DR Y6 legs

Hi all,

I really like the look (they really look amazing!), the lightness, simplicity and "foldability" of those C-shaped Y6 legs, but I'm questioning their stability: According to my experience, the legs tend to brake on a one meter drop to grassy gr

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