How many battery packs do you own?

What battery charger do you use?

How fast do your batteries charge?

How big are your battery packs?

I have two Eflite 3S 11.1V 2200mAh 30C battery packs with a TRAXXAS 2-cell/3-cell LIPO BALLANCE charger/output 800mA x 3 that take about five hours to fully charge one pack.  I would like to fly for more than 20 minutes every 10 hours.


Do you think having more battery packs is better than a good charger?

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To answer your questions in my experience:

- I own 5 batteries (all 3S LIPO, 5000mAh and 4000mAh), 12V

- I use Turnigy Accucel-6 from Hobbyking. Charging 3S LIPO 5000mAh 20C, takes me precisely 1.5 hours (from ~9.6 V to peak 12.6V). This charger costs 30$ from HK. There are better chargers, but more costly. These better chargers can charge the same batteries in 20 minutes or so. Get those from HK, costs some 75$.

- How big is your battery pack? I guess you mean the capacity or watt-hours?

Don't always buy cheap stuffs. It may look rosy at the beginning. Buy standard as many others. It would be way faster and more reliable.

Having more battery packs is always an added advantage. Always check the battery voltage (using multimeter) before flight.

@edit: I would not go with the 3DR batteries. That's a drawback I faced. I blown two already. I would go for standard batteries from HobbyKing, at least I see a known brand Turnigy on them.

I will be looking in your items at HobbyKing and likely upgrade.  Thank-you for your quick reply

I have

3 x 4500 4S Turnigy Nano Tech,

3 x 3300 3S Turnigy Nano Tech,

2 x 2200 3S Turnigy Batts

1 x 2200 2S Turnigy Batt (was 3S until i re-soldered it after killing a cell by over-discharging)

2 x 1300 2S Zippy (for smaller planes)

I would say buy more batteries before a new charger!

A good charger will outlast every battery you buy. So my rule of thumb is buy once, cry once. Wish I would have learned this lesson on soldering guns. Easily spent more on the crappy ones than my nice commercial grade one. Lesson learned.

Good points. I would like to buy a dual charger. But I always seem to be able to charge all my batts before the next outing. 


Since you have those Nano Tech's. Can you tell me the difference (in performance) between standard Turnigy and Nano-Tech ones. I see that Nano-Tech's have a range of high 'C' (discharge rate), isn't that suitable for fast responsive maneuverable multicopters' but with a lesser flight time?

Energy, is energy. Flight times are based on how much you have in a battery vs weight.

The nanotechs do seem much more responsive to me. Even the 3300mAh over the turnigy 2200mAH was noticeable. The voltage doesn't sag as much.

I'll keep track of these batteries as they are a recent addition, but i think in the long run the benifits will be they can be charged for more cycles. To Be Confirmed

Battery sag on acceleration seems to be a good comparison measure between similar C ratings. Is there a way of logging battery voltage over time?

Tlogs and dataflash logs contain voltage info,

Well i have

Turnigy Nano-tech:

1 * 3S Turnigy Nano-tech 40-80C   8400mA

3 * 3S Turnigy Nano-tech 65-130C 5000mA

1 * 3S Turnigy Nano-tech 65-130C 3300mA

4 * 2S Turnigy Nano-tech 35-70C  1000mA

3 * 3S Turnigy Nano-tech 25-40C    460mA

10 * 1S Turnigy Nano-tech25-40C   160mA


2 * 4S Zippy 35C 2200mA

2* 3S ZIPPY Flightmax 20C  1600mAh 


2 * 3S Kypom 40C 1800mA


1 * 3S Eflite 1500mA

3 * 1S  Eflite 470mA

5 * 1S Eflite 290mA

Battery Charger:

1* Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger

1* Hobbyfly 400W 10A Balancer/Charger 

Battery Charge Time (roughly) and NOT full power:

3S Turnigy Nano-tech 8400mA  180min

3S Turnigy Nano-tech 5000mA  140min

3S Turnigy Nano-tech 3300mA    60min

2S Turnigy Nano-tech 1000mA   20min

3S Turnigy Nano-tech 460mA    18min

1S Turnigy Nano-tech 160mA    15min

3S Kypom 1800mA                  60min

4S Zippy 2200mA                    65min

Flytime is almost the same with 8400mA and 5500mA pack.

3.2 Kg Quad with FPV and Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2836-1040kv  is : 12 minutes.


How many battery packs do you own? 4 (All the exact same)

How fast do your batteries charge? Standard - takes 1 hour 15 mins to charge from empty for each battery

How big are your battery packs? 5000 mah


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