Sorry for all the posts but this is just getting better and better!  I have been waiting to see sonar get to this level! Time to put this to use!

Awesome work Randy and all of those who contribute to ArduPilot! This is really great work.

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looks much better

I hope to see more testing results soon from other members too :)

Kudos and nice work to the Dev' team ;)

Though somehow, the reaction of the sonar is less responsive than the prior main stream release of 3.0.1.



Hi, Could you please indicate which sonar sensor you are using, there seems to be a bewildering choice ?

In this test I was using the MaxBotix XL-EZL0 also known as the MB1260.  There is some disagreement in the dev team as to which sonar works best with some saying the narrow beamed XL-EZ4 is better and others (including me) who think the widest beamed XL-EZ0 or XL-EZL0 is best.

How about the HC-SR04 HCSR04 Sonar Module type? any tests on these type

they seem to be a common purchase people buy

I could wonder what could be done with one with its own AVR and Temp Sensor, 1ch servo control built in

Looks interesting




    No, that sonar isn't supported.  Looking at the datasheet it really requires an additional processor to trigger the ping and measure the length of the resulting 'echo pulse'.  Without that additional processor the APM would need to do it which just isn't feasible 'cuz it's already busy with lots of other tasks.

     The range on these sonars is also very short.  pretty much 1/2 the maxbotic sonar range.

ahh ok, makes sence :)

it looks like a neat project item for arduino anyway, someday I have to many started to really consider that ,I like to get myself sidetracked lol


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