While hovering I noticed all motors shut down few times and started again after about 1sec.  I power AP board, Reciver and Roll/Pitch servos  separately from different ESC BEC (with common GND only). There shouldn't appear brown outs. So what's the reason? [APM CPU 2560,  soft v2.5].     Could it have something to do with bad Yaw and Throttle PID settings?  

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I dont use the Xbee telemetry system and no other systems. Only Futaba FASST one-way transmission.  I heard something about PPM encoder update but i thougt it is normaly updated with other APM software. Some time ago I posted about channel interferences. Definitely channel 5()flight mode) disturbed to  channel 4 and yaw still jumped. I had to  reduce end-points to 75% and problem was gone. Maybe APM have some problems in decoding  Futaba channel system? Some experiences?

No the PPM encoder can only be updated with a special AVR programmer. If you have an early APM 1 this could be the issue. When did you get yours?

I use the Futaba radios and don't see any issues, but I also have boards with the current PPM encoder.

I have the same problem.  After I loaded the latest firmware 2.5 i have the same problem.  It cuts all motors for a split second, enough that i had a hard landing and broke 3 props and landing gear.  I'm as well using an old APM 1280.



Same "problem" for me. Since the latest 2.5.4 I have also motor shutdown problems. It can be a very short interruption on all three motors (tri-copter), but it can also cut it for a longer period so my tricopter fell from about 10 meters high. I was able to turn the motors on again.  So no need to reboot or re-arm the motors. Haven't had this with the 2.5.3 version. Hope this will help to track down the problem. APM 2560

You have it set to low cut off?

That generally means that at low voltages (lets say when you give full thrust, 4 props all draining a battery at once) the ESC's may shut down/ slow down (depending on ESC) to protect your lipo battery. You want to set the ESC to NiMh, but be careful to not drain the battery below (3.7 volts per cell? I think).

I'm assuming you already know all this as you seem to have background in RC. Sorry to bore you but just stating what I've read incase the next person comes along and reads this.

I believe that this makes the most sense as your brain/receiver are all independently powered and don't have a cutoff at all.

Can you replicate this issue without props on while holding it and throttling it? See if certain actions cause the issue. Just my 2 cents.

I know exactly what the low-cut off means :)  

I made some test without propellers and all motors worked smoothly, Meanwhile I turned the frame in all direction, set  throttle in full range and all seemed to be correct.

I bought all electronic in www.jdrones.com,   exactly CPU 2560. Is there something for updating (PPM encoder ?) or this version should work correctly ?

Exactly the same APM (2560). After shutdown all motors could start again after I changed a little thtotlle stick position. Could you repeat the test without propellers ?

no I'm not. I removed also the servos and problem still exists

Hans C,

     Do you have any logs?  Also are you using APM1 or APM2?  Do you use an xbee?

     thanks for the report.


     ..and you're definitely in stabilize mode right?  You're not in Alt-hold of course?



I use APM1 and no xbee.

I hope I have the correct files that shows my problem most clearly.

When using 2.5.3 no strange behaviour related to this at all.

No changes made to the hardware or crashes.

Did the erase / reset / reload / config etc. to the 2.5.4

Happened more than once.



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