Hi all, I'm hoping that my question is not too open ended.

I'm interested in learning how to code the control systems for quadcopters. As a start, I would like to look into solving the equations and coding for hovering maybe? There are a lot of systems out there, and it is confusing. I'm hoping that the ArduCopter has open source code that I can look at, and that the good members here can point me to a suitable kit, perhaps a micro-drone, because I will be crashing it a lot.

If the ArduCopter group is not the right place to put this in, then I do apologise and hope that someone can point me to the right direction.

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for the Flight controller I'd suggest this


it's a pixhawk 2.4.8 [no 1mb flash issue] and comes with the power module and m8n GPS

Those are GREAT batteries. I have a few myself and as long as you take care of them [don't let them go to low] and store them [put them on the charger in storage mode] right after you are done flying them they last forever.

That frame kit will do you well until you progress and want bigger/better/faster/etc lol always happens.

You also need a charger and a transmitter and reciever. I honestly suggest paying a tad extra and getting one of the most awesome TX/RX's out there. The Taranis and X8R RX. It's SO worth the 200[ish] as it will grow with you instead of paying 200 for a POS spektrum dx6i 6 channel.

If you're on a tight budget them look at the great Turnigy 9x [very awesome radio on a budget [after modding anyway :)]] or the very good Turnigy 9x Pro [not my fav as it's ergonomics suck but has a great set of features for the price]

The 9x comes with a module and it's ok and also comes with a RX and it to is "ok" but without the DIY kit it only does PWM. The 9xR pro needs an additional module and RX but can do cPPM but by the time you fork out for everthing you are only about 50 bucks away from a Taranis that does everything including S.Bus, has a smart port, does telemetry right out of the box. and is 16 channels!

For your charger I'd prolly go with one or two of these


they work well enough and with 2 you can always round robin your batteries so you always have one charging, one charged, and one flying if you get 3 batteries lol. Sucks having to "wait" for batteries to charge.

Also pick up a bunch of these


they will save your butt and your batteries :)

Thanks Craig!

For the battery charger, the seller doesn't ship to my part of the neighborhood, so I looked at another alternative instead.


The specs look the same except that the max charge is 80w rather than 50w. Will it explode the batteries in my face? :D

The TX/RX unit is going to have to wait a little until payday haha. I guess in the meantime I can look through the source code abit!



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