The Planner software I'm using on my Mac doesn't seem to have the same functionality as Mission Planner, which I was running for a week on my Mac with a trial version of parallels virtual desktop and Windows 7. For example, I don't see the same DO options, like DO SET ROI. I also don't see how to check the data and telemetry logs on a Mac. Am I missing something simple? 

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No they are both different, I primarily use mission planner on my desktop but use APM planner 2.0.8 on my Linux laptop and I have noticed some things missing from APM planner. I know APM planner does have log viewing but I'm not at my computer ATM but I will post up tonight after I get home if someone else doesn't chime in.

I hope to get those ardupilot mission commands in to the next release. You can load logs using the Graph view. 

Mission Planner has been there for many years already and is a lot more mature. APM Planner is on it's early development stage and will take awhile until we will catch all MP features on it. It get's better every week. Bill and his dev team is working hard with it. 

Thank you for the replies, all! 

Bill, how often do the improvements get into an upgrade?  Will the upgrade be suggested when APM Planner opens, or will it be necessary to do a directed look for upgrade...I ask as I haven't seen my APM Planner upgrade in quite some time.  Perhaps I've missed it, or my memory is flawed...hence my asking.


You should be notified of an upgrade as soon as its available. It will either download the new version, or you can be reminded later, or skip that version entirely.

If you have an older version that feature may not be there so you will need to download the latest fro here



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