Hi again. I did yesterday compassmot at home's balcony an successful. Interference value is 2 . But I dont know  is it correct value and thats enough. I use AC3.3.3 ,, and pixhawk with x8 frame. I am wondering mag field values correct. Thanks

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I don't know if your value is correct.  I would be concerned if your home's balcony is part of a steel frame apartment building as the steel could effect the compass readings.  Even a concrete apartment building can have electrical power risers in the walls or utility chases you may not be aware of.  If this is possible then I would go out into your flying field and do the compassmot again, just to make sure.  If you come up with a very different value, or even the same, you will know your true result.

Thanks for reply Harry. I will do out compassmot.



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